DEWEY drifts between pain and beauty on “These Wicked Tears”

Brighton-based artist DEWEY released her EP, Soller, Pt. One, last year, and is promising a follow-up some point this year. For now, we’ve got recent single “In Basque Country” and today’s new single “These Wicked Tears”, which she co-produced with Dan Carey.

Floating on aqueous guitars, atmospheric synth beds and minimal drumming, “These Wicked Tears” has a lightness and natural grace, but in her words and voice DEWEY is presenting us with a more complex picture; “all of these tears, I wish them away” she sings with equal parts determination and forlornness. “Softer smile / silver dagger in my eyes” is the repeated mantra of the track, although she doesn’t sing it as if in pain, but as though it is part and parcel of enjoying the depth of life’s experiences. “I wish we could work this all out” she beseeches repeatedly as “These Wicked Tears” ascends to an electrified angelic finale; her words filled with a definite and undeniable emphasis, while the subject could be anything from a personal relationship to the grand problems affecting the world over. Either way, DEWEY presents a totally magnetic and beguiling presence, whom we’d like to follow down her trail of tears and discover more about.

Find “These Wicked Tears” below or on your preferred platform.

“These Wicked Tears” is out via Hall of Egress. With Soller, Pt. Two hopefully not far away, make sure to follow DEWEY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.