Photo: Chloe Le Drezen

Sinead O’Brien delivers a post-punk slam dunk with “There Are Good Times Coming”

We’re now closing in on the release of the debut album from Irish punk poet Sinead O’Brien, and she keeps delivering explosive singles in the lead up. We’ve had “Girlkind” and “Holy Country”, and we now get “There Are Good Times Coming”, which comes with a poetic introduction from O’Brien:

“It’s a hyper real, close-up look at the surroundings of this place, and a glance to the horizon. Mundane observations weave in and around concepts of RITUALS, MANIFESTATIONS, INTENTIONS.

A mantra anchors me as I spin and fall in an alternate space.

Watch the ripple effect of things play out; life, ideas, episodes. A subtle movement makes the biggest tremors.

There are moments where the music is sparse and the lyrics hang around a while. It’s a strange space, warmth and coolness in the air. Full moon, dogs barking in the distance and an empty railway station.

‘There Are Good Times Coming’ is not a dream, it’s a restless night.”

Beginning insouciantly with the teasing line “A prepared drawl / In an elevated state,” O’Brien lures us into her mental mire with the promise that “There Are Good Times Coming”. However, what actually transpires is a labyrinth of interconnected riffs, dextrous drums and the vocalist’s impressionisitc imagery. It’s hugely compelling, then throws you up and dunks you down with a hugely thrilling bass-and-guitar surge in the chorus. Like a drug consistently promising “there are good times coming”, the track is in itself hugely addictive – and we’ve now got a habit that won’t be kicked until we get to hear Time Bend And Break The Bower in its entirety.

Watch the video for “There Are Good Times Coming” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Sinead O’Brien’s debut album Time Bend And Break The Bower will be out on June 10 through Chess Club (pre-order/save). Keep up with Sinead O’Brien on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.