Camila Falquez

Combo Chimbita share the meditative, glistening “Oya”, announce album

Following the vivid “Babalawo”, New York-based Latinx quartet Combo Chimbita have finally announced their anticipated third album. IRE is out January 28th via ANTI-.

To mark the occasion, they’ve shared their latest single, the bubbling “Oya”. Contrasting with the joyous bombast of “Babalawo”, “Oyo” is a reflective, slowburn affair, sneaking up on you until you’re entirely ensnared by its gorgeous, gleaming tendrils.

Speaking on the single lead singer Carolina Oliveros reflects, “Oya is a very powerful feminine deity, goddess of storms and winds, guardian of cemeteries, and an entangled duel between calm and despair. this song animates that reminder of a nuanced life where many of us share a calm external facade, while facing an internal whirlwind of uncertainty. It’s the meditative sigh that precedes moving forward toward our desires and dreams with conviction.

The video again features a collaboration with a celebrated figure, this time boasting a performance from interdisciplinary queer artist Lio Villahermosa. Check that out below.

Combo Chimbita’s IRE will come out on January 28 through ANTI-. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.