Danish trio CHINAH have dropped a couple of great singles over recent months, from “Promise” to “Mysterious”, but had previously been withholding about new album details. They’ve now let the cat out of the bag, and the best part is the wait to hear it isn’t very long: they will release their second album, Feels Like Forever, on March 19.

They’ve also shared a new song called “What I’ve Become”, with singer Fine Glinvad saying: “The song is written in that place where the outer world is completely still, but there’s a torrent of thoughts in your head. It’s about enjoying that internal drama and considering it as important information that tells you what to do.” 

While the previous two singles have found Glinvad full of confidence, the production making her feel imposing and intimidating as she rides the boisterous beats, CHINAH have gone in a different direction on “What I’ve Become”. This time we’re sucked into Glinvad’s serene internal monologue, with plenty of glacial synths and field recordings of birds adding engrossing atmosphere. Glinvad wants a drink, to spend the night in her head, to get away from the world – but she’s not here to mope: “don’t calm me down / I want that war in me,” she warns, as crackles cut through the atmosphere to demonstrate her inner fire. CHINAH keep the production beautiful but tense, a delicate balancing act, but one they manage with precision that keeps their singer’s mixed thoughts right at the forefront – quiet but electrifying.

Listen to “What I’ve Become” on streaming platforms or below.

CHINAH’s new album Feels Like Forever is out on March 19 (pre-order/save). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.