Danish trio Chinah re-emerged in November with “Promise”, the first taste of a new album to follow up their 2018 debut. They’re still withholding news on the album, but they have shared a new bop called “Mysterious”. Pianist Simon Andersson says:

“Mysterious was made by crudely putting together some odd elements and somehow making them fit. We try to capture the weird beauty that can arise from combining things that weren’t initially meant to be together.”

Indeed, “Mysterious” is an odd melange of skeletal click track, twittering synths and piano haunting the peripheries, but it’s all held together by the compelling presence of vocalist Fine Glindvad. She rides the beat with nonchalant ease, matched by her words that find her dispassionately saying goodbye to someone who has fucked with her head a little bit too much. With magnetic aloofness, she puts them in the rearview, doing so in such a manner that we can’t help but watch after her as she oozes off into the distance.

Listen to “Mysterious” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

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