Photo: Mathieu Ball

BIG | BRAVE send a poignant message of self-acceptance with their new song and video “Of This Ilk”

Experimental trio BIG | BRAVE are releasing their new album Vital tomorrow, but before that they’re sharing a powerful message with new single and video “Of This Ilk”. Vocalist Robin Wattie says:

“This video and song is an ode to those that understand this all too well, all too deeply. There is a silent form of suffering that most do not share. It is a private shame that is very public. The percentage of the global population that take these painstaking, costly efforts in whitening, or rather more aptly, bleaching their skin is higher than a lot would understand, let alone, would ever consider. There is a billion dollar industry in injectables and cream-like products containing harsh and even life-threatening chemicals to lighten, clarify, and whiten one’s skin. This video is an ode to my younger self, and to all the other children, teens and adults of the past, present and future that have used bleach in every way possible, that withdrew from the sun, used clothespins on their nose, scraped their skin raw, buying every product available, in trying every means they can think of to achieve this exclusive coveted lightness, whiteness.”

“Of This Ilk” doesn’t let up on the usual menace or dynamism of the band’s monolithic sound, but – despite initial impressions – they’re sending a message of solidarity and self-acceptance to one and all. This message is taken further in the video, which focuses on a close up of Wattie, moving in and out of focus, but letting us see plenty of her skin and who she is. It’s a stark piece that’s worth spending 10 minutes on.

BIG | BRAVE’s new album Vital is out digitally tomorrow, April 23, and physically on July 9, via Southern Lord. You can find them on Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook.