The Body and BIG | BRAVE share the elemental country song “Oh Sinner” and reveal collab album details

Whispers about a collaborative album between The Body and BIG | BRAVE have been in the air since the tail end of last year, but today they finally reveal the details – and it’s not necessarily what you might expect. Due on September 24, Leaving None But Small Birds finds the two bands combining, but not to create one uber-noise, rather to try to push each other outside of the sounds they usually make.

The first example is lead single “Oh Sinner”, a lilting country song that still carries plenty of heft, the guitars prowling like they’re going to explode at any moment. But they don’t, and Robin Wattie’s voice is left to flutter above the undulating soundscape as she draws fantastical imagery, and challenging “when the seven headed beast is rising / and they come to work their number on your head / oh sinner, where will you stand?” They may not be reaching the same sonic levels as they usually do, but the menace is still there, hanging above the song as you experience it, and you wouldn’t want to set a foot wrong with these deities watching your every move.

Listen to “Oh Sinner” below or on streaming platforms.

The Body and BIG | BRAVE’s Leaving None But Small Birds comes out on September 24 through Thrill Jockey.

You can find The Body Facebook and BIG | BRAVE on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.