Photo: Alexander Dhiet

Belgian indie poppers Balthazar feel the guilt of new love on the stylish “You Won’t Come Around”

Belgian band Balthazar have a new album called Sand coming out on February 26 next year, and following lead single “Losers” they have today shared new track “You Won’t Come Around”. The band’s Maarten Devoldere reveals:

“Breakup songs come in different shapes. This one’s about the guilt you feel after you follow your selfish heart blindly into a new love.”

Utilising a tastefully low-key drum machine beat, and light flecks of guitar and bass that mingle with soft caresses of synth, Balthazar create a stylish boudoir-esque atmosphere. “You Won’t Come Around” does indeed find their singer waking up with a smile – but it plunges him back into memories of his former flame, and how much he misses them. The stylish setting allows Devoldere’s demurely emotive storytelling to really shine, his words dripping with regret on every syllable. In the chorus, the band joins him in unison as they sweetly wish that they can still be friends, but deep down they know that “You Won’t Come Around”. As Balthazar push the song to its emotive finale, Devoldere stretches for his falsetto as strings rise up in the mix, adding a deep sense of pathos to cap off this silky track.

Balthazar’s new album Sand arrives on February 26 via Play It Again Sam. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.