Spain’s Belako are set to put out Plastic Drama, their first internationally-released album, this year – but it has now been pushed back to August 28. Never fear though, as they have a bunch of the tracks from it already online, and adding to it today is the excellent rocker “Profile Anxiety”. They say:

“Profile Anxiety is a pop song of epicurean intensity. It’s about how we admire, idolise and worship celebrity profiles on social media platforms. They occupy our memory & appear in our dreams, to the point where we think we know these people on a personal level. Social media projects this warped viewpoint into their lives; a false appearance that leads to illusional relationships.”

Rather than wallow in the feelings of inferiority that are brought on by seeing perfectly preened people prancing about in their idyllic lives, Belako take it and throw it out the window on the back of scorching riffs and demolishing drums. A song that expertly uses the tension-and-release of properly pointed rock music, “Profile Anxiety” shows off the band’s lyrical and sonic sharpness, as it ducks and dives from metallic guitars to heavenly coos and back to thunderous emoting. If you’re late to the party, then “Profile Anxiety” is the ideal place to jump onboard the hype train around Belako.

Belako’s Plastic Drama is due out on August 28 via BMG. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.