All Things Blue share the bumping “Legend of Chav”

LA dreampunk outfit All Things Blue were planning to release their debut album Get Bit at the end of this month, but sadly it has now been pushed back to December 11. It’s not all bad news though, as the band has added to their string of excellent singles with another jam called “Legend of Chav”, which is not what you probably think it’s about. India ‘Blue’ Coombs explains:

“I actually wrote the lyrics for ‘Chav’ when I was about 16 after I read a story about Marie Laveau: a midwife and Voodoo practitioner from New Orleans. As for the name, our old drummer Justin Chavez cruised by the studio so we had him lay down some drumzzz and I told him he had to name the track, hence Legend of Chav. Though I had to trick Jon into recording the tune, I think we both agree now that it would’ve felt wrong not to include Chav on our debut, if nothing else, because it’s extra fun to play inebriated.”

As is made instantly clear with the opening growled announcement “I’m drunk!”, “Legend of Chav” finds All Things Blue’s leader a little worse for wear – or is it all a ruse? The opening is subdued, drawn out guitars underscoring Blue’s inebriated mewls, drawing you in – and then BAM! “Legend of Chav” kicks off with a booming beat (no wonder it’s named after the original drummer) and bounds into expressive guitar-and-synth pop with plenty of sampled sounds adding heft. Blue is teasing at the centre, gloating over the fact that she’s lodged herself in your brain by repeating “maybe I’m just in your head” with a snarling smirk – and there’s no denying that “Legend of Chav” certainly leaves an imprint.

All Things Blue’s debut album Get Bit comes out December 11 through Terrible Records’ Flexible Distro. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.