Alex Amor vents her dating disappointments on “Prove Me Right”

Scottish newcomer Alex Amor floated onto our radar last month with the lovely “The Part With Each Other”, and she’s returned this week with another cut from her debut EP, “Prove Me Right”. About the new track she reveals:

“This was a time in my life when I had my four walls up. Dancing around the dating scene for the fear of getting burnt. Men had become so predictable in that world that I was becoming cynical of someone’s compliments, well wishes and good intentions. So to avoid further disappointment and cope with dating apps, I had it in my head that I was always going to be disappointed and in doing so, the men I dated were always going to ‘Prove me Right’. However, I now recognise, I was self actualising this outcome to an extent.”

Where “The Part With Each Other” was a fairly introverted and uncertain affair, on “Prove Me Right” Amor comes out swinging by putting her lack of enthusiasm on the surface – and no shortage of barbs along with it. The production from Karma Kid follows suit, launching from a hopeful guitar melody into a punchy and forthright pop jam with a beat that adds punch to Amor’s doubts. In her vocal and lyrics, Amor seems to be at battle with herself, on the one hand trying not to let her hesitations rule, but on the other giving in to the despondency, admitting “99% of the time, they go and prove me right.” Nonetheless, there’s still a sliver of hope that keeps her coming back; she can’t ignore that little glimmer of possibility that they won’t prove her right and she’ll find someone who pushes all her buttons. That desire is ripe in “Prove Me Right”, and the song swells beautifully with her battling compulsions.

Listen to “Prove Me Right” below via the Spotify embed, or here on your preferred platform.

Alex Amor’s debut Love Language EP is slated for release in January via Believe. For now you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.