Photo: Elsie Matilda

Alex Amor seizes the moment with the summer sizzler “dare you”

Scottish pop purveyor Alex Amor released her addictive debut EP, Love Language, back in January, but she’s not resting on her laurels. Today she returns with a new single and plans for a new project called Summer Is Sweet With You, which coincides with her debut live performances. Today’s new single is called “Dare You” and Amor reveals:

“‘dare you’ is about taking risks while the sun is still high in the sky. I wanted the track to feel like summer heat: a warm and steady haze that lifts you up on brighter days. It’s about opening yourself up to all potentials and possibilities. Making a bet on someone, with the hopes that it’ll pay off in the long run. Because life is too short to always play it safe.”

Where her earlier singles found Alex Amor tangled in unfortunate situations, “dare you” is the sound of her completely free and eyeing up what could be. “I dare you to do something / I dare you to scare me,” she opens, looking her crush directly in the eye and envisioning a whole world of fun that could be had if they leave their inhibitions to the side and just follow their bodily instincts. Coasting on smooth synths and minimalist beats, “dare you” captures the blissful atmosphere of summer in the sun, and subtle brushes of brass amplify the feeling that a potential spark is in the air. “Summer is sweet with you” she offers in the earworm chorus, the melody curling inside your mind like pheromones that you just can’t resist. With “dare you”, Alex Amor is inviting us to let go, lean into your dreams, and just live life to the fullest with that person you want to pounce on.

Listen to “dare you” below or on streaming platforms.

We’ll keep you posted on further news about Alex Amor’s upcoming project Summer Is Sweet With You, for now you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also catch her at these dates:

26th August | Glasgow | Summer Nights @ King Tuts
29th August | Sevenoaks, Kent | Camp Wildfire Festival 
25th September | Bristol | Dot To Dot Festival
26th September | Nottingham | Dot To Dot Festival
1st October | Liverpool | Sound City Festival