Scottish synth-pop newcomer Alex Amor is emotionally entangled on “The Part With Each Other”

Alex Amor is an emerging Scottish artist who has today announced the release of her debut EP, Love Language. The EP was co-produced with Karma Kid and, according to Amor, “reflects a recent time of my life where I am a woman struggling for autonomy.”

The first song revealed from Love Language is “The Part With Each Other”, with Amor saying it’s “about a moment in time: On the cusp of falling in love but resisting it’s pull. Hoping to feel nothing to avoid pain but ending up with rose tinted glasses.” 

These invisible but powerful forces are tangible in the production and pace of “The Part With Each Other”, where steady percussion and subtle vocal layers set a romantic mood, but underscore an emotional uncertainty in Amor’s voice and lyricism. As the song progresses, more wisps of melody come into play and coil around the singer, like tendrils of feeling tempting her one way and then pulling her back from the brink. During the chorus, Amor lays all her cards on the table, expressing her conflicting concerns and desires from one line to the next. It’s an impressive introduction to an artist who has plenty of depths to explore.

You can listen to “The Part With Each Other” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

More details about Alex Amor’s Love Language EP are sure to surface soon, so make sure you follow her on Instagram and Facebook.