Photo: Tegen Williams

Babeheaven bring in Navy Blue to work through heart break on “Make Me Wanna”, announce new album

London band Babeheaven released their debut album in November 2020, but with 2021 being a year of so much stopping and starting, and continued loss, they have remained hard at work in the studio and today announce their second album, Sink Into Me, will be released on March 18 through Believe. Singer Nancy Andersen describes the new album by saying “It hugs you in, like a warm embrace.” 

The first feel of that embrace comes today with “Make Me Wanna”, a song that sees them team up with Brooklyn rapper (and BPM fave) Navy Blue. Andersen says:

​”The verses and chorus from this song were taken from two really old demos. Listening to it now I was obviously really heartbroken but I find it hard to be direct with my lyrics. The synth swells in this song really pull at my heartstrings and when we were writing the track for this it reminded me of those lyrics and how I felt at that time. I reached out to Navy to see if he wanted to be part of the album and he wrote a verse for this song it really feels like a direct and concise version of what I was trying to say in that moment.”

Babeheaven invite us to relax into “Make Me Wanna” with a trip-hop-esque beat and watery guitar. The feeling of that “embrace” arises in the buzzing waves of synth that wash over the track, but mixed in their tone is the heartbreak. Magnetically, Andersen draws us closer so she can quietly but powerfully confess her pain; “I love the feeling that you won’t give me.” On paper, Navy Blue seems like an odd pairing, but he shows a tenderness and gravity that we scarcely hear from modern rappers, as he questions “am I a nuisance?” and begs “please rid me of the guilt I’m dismissing”, the intensity of the track growing with his storm of words. Andersen and Navy close out the track with some simple ad-libs, letting the pure feeling they’ve laid down guide us into a world of beautiful introspection.

Watch the video for “Make Me Wanna” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Babeheaven’s new album Sink Into Me is out on March 18 through Believe (pre-order/save). Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.