Photo: Daniel Dorsa

Adult Mom announces new album with the starkly confessional “Sober”

It’s been almost four years since Stevie Knipe aka Adult Mom‘s breakout album Soft Spots, but we now have news of the follow-up: it’s called Driver and is coming out on March 5 through Epitaph.

The announcement brings with it a new song called “Sober”, perhaps the most sonically clear song yet from Adult Mom – but the lyrics and themes bear their signature realness. Over crystalline synth chords and simple programmed drums, Knipe reflects on a relationship that went sour. While they are not sparing in the harsh reflections of their former partner, they don’t spare themselves from being cut down to size either: “the only thing that I’ve done is drink beer and masturbate and ignore phone calls from you / what else am I supposed to do?” Upbeat bass and guitar slide in, accompanied by silvery melodies to create an outright pop backing – but they belie the rawness of what Knipe is singing about.

Recalling the couple’s final fights, in the chorus they sweetly sing “the last image of you I remember / is your hunched over back on the side of the bed / telling me I shouldn’t leave,” which switches the second time around to “the last image of me you remember / is my hunched over back on the driver’s side / begging you to get out when you wanted to die.” Compelling in the way that it combines bright melodies with the most visceral of awful feelings, “Sober” is a song that continually confounds on repeat plays – but at least has a surprisingly happy ending.

Listen to “Sober” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

Adult Mom’s new album Driver comes out on March 5 through Epitaph. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.