Photo: Sophie Meiers

Sophie Meiers harnesses the potential of the moment in the nervously excited “collar”

Following a few attention-grabbing releases, songwriter, designer and artist Sophie Meiers has been signed by Epitaph Records, and today they release their first single for the label, “collar”. Meiers says:

“‘collar’ is a song about intoxication, indulgence, wanting, and euphoria. i wanted to embody the feeling of your heart racing, and the lulling warmth in between. it is about words hanging in the air, unspoken and magnetic, filling space with blood orange light. it’s rare for me to write a song that feels so overwhelmingly happy and glowy.”

“collar” quietly shuffles along on an unassuming but effortless beat – much like you might imagine Meiers moves through the world. Their voice tries to match this casual attitude, but they can’t help but let their nervous excitement get the better of them as they imagine getting up and close with their crush, the guitar melody lightly splashing around like Meiers bashful gaze trying not to stare. A few buzzing electronic sounds are all the song needs to lift it into the insouciant chorus, where Meiers quietly lays it on the line: “i wish it was simple / baby i’m nervous / i just wanna whisper words so careless.” With a song that manages to be cool, charming and adorable all at once, you surely won’t be able to resist Sophie Meiers after hearing “collar”.

Watch the video for “collar” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“collar” is out on Epitaph. Find Sophie Meiers on Facebook and Instagram.