WOOM reinterpret Frank Ocean on debut single “Seigfried / Self Control / White Ferrari”

WOOM are a new London-based fourpiece band-meets-choir that have recently signed to House Anxiety for the release of their debut EP, due this year. As an introduction, they’ve decided to be bold and put their own spin on one of the most vaunted musical minds of recent years by doing a combination cover of three Frank Ocean tracks from Blonde. About their debut single “Seigfried / Self Control / White Ferrari” the band’s Ella Rimmer says:

The three different sections of these songs all speak to a sense of yearning and expansiveness. These parts have an openness to them: we felt we could enter into and swim around in them. Across the whole album there’s constant vocal gems: little hooks that reveal themselves more with each listen, getting stuck in your head, even if they’re not part of a main verse or chorus.”

Using their vocal talents to the utmost, WOOM do indeed get inside these songs and expand them subtly, without losing the vulnerable intimacy that makes them so poignant. While there’s four voices here, they are united in their emotion, and “Seigfreid / Self Control / White Ferrari” only deepens the feeling of being inside the poetic and fragile thoughts of a single mind. Expertly layered and interwoven, WOOM’s captivating introduction suggests plenty more delicacy and beauty to come.

More news about WOOM’s debut EP should be coming along shortly. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.