Choral foursome WOOM announce debut EP with the gorgeously searching “Walk”

Back in May we were floored by London quartet WOOM and their choral cover of a trio of Frank Ocean tracks. Now they finally return with their own original track, “Walk”, and news that they’ll be releasing their debut EP, Into The Rest, on February 25 through House Anxiety. On the new single, they say:

“Walk is the first original track we recorded and released so it feels very special to us. We wrote it last year, it’s a song about feeling lost and uncovering your way to something new. Our voices and melodies begin isolated then interweave and overlap until they become one entity, like they are being found. This is also mirrored in our new video which we created and filmed late last year in the Sussex woods, capturing the emotive world of WOOM.”

Atmospheric guitar and synth forms the delicate backbone of “Walk”, allowing the four voices plenty of room to unfold and blossom. At first they are in unison, harmonising angelically as they describe an amble through a serene landscape, which is at odds with the rambling thoughts that won’t quiet down in their mind. Despite the sheer beauty of the track, there is a definite tension in the air that is captured in simple but contemplative lyrics. Rather than confront the issue, WOOM simply sing it away, and the back half of “Walk” finds their four voices splitting off into different but equally mesmerising melodies, which enshrine us in a mystical world of bliss. Then it’s over, far too soon.

You can watch the video for “Walk” below, or listen on your preferred streaming platform.

WOOM’s debut EP, Into The Rest, arrives on February 25 through House Anxiety. Hopefully there will be more to come before then (a glimpse of the tracklist reveals a cover of Angel Olsen’s “Unfucktheworld”, which we’re very excited about), so stay up to date by following WOOM on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Into The Rest tracklist:

1. I Built You
2. Walk
3. Come Wander / Chimacum Rain
4. Seigfried / Self Control / White Ferrari
5. Unfucktheworld
6. Prototype / Limit To Your Love