carpetgarden evokes classic summer memories with the breezy “Westside” (BPM Premiere)

Californian songwriter David Sweet aka carpetgarden may only be 20 years old, but they’ve already captured the imaginations of a legion of fans with their vibey and involving music. With a new EP called The Way He Looks on the horizon, we have the pleasure of bringing you the new single from it, “Westside”.

carpetgarden describes their new song as “the song you blast in the car with all the windows down, the anthem to everyone’s “main character” moment.”

Indeed, the slick guitar melody immediately evokes balmy summer evenings, orange skies, a perfect breeze and laughter in the air – a feeling of invincibility seeps in as you feel the days could last forever. carpetgarden rides the song’s gentle breeze with a laid-back tone, placing us alongside them as we cruise around the titular “Westside”. While the song may seem lighthearted and carefree, carpetgarden still sneaks in some more vulnerable lyrics about smoking too many blunts, a potential hookup going awkwardly and having to drive off in their boxers. Nonetheless, it’s all washed away in the psychedelic spirals of sound that ooze into “Westside”, and the blissful vibe of the song remains intact as it fades into the sunset.

Fittingly, the video for “Westside” finds carpetgarden cruising around, enjoying the evening. Check it out below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

carpetgarden’s new EP The Way He Looks comes out on February 24 through House Anxiety (pre-save). Find carpetgarden on Twitter and Instagram.