White Flowers draw us in with the beseeching dreampop of “Help Me Help Myself”

White Flowers is the Preston-based duo of Joey Cobb and Katie Drew, who have been releasing music for a good few years, but are now on the ramp-up to their debut album Day By Day, which arrives on June 4 via Tough Love. With a few singles already out in the wild, this week they’ve given us another reason to be excited with “Help Me Help Myself”.

“Been walking around in a daze,” Katie begins, while the spindly guitar twang and measured beat put us in that same mindset, floating alongside her. White Flowers aren’t prepared to settle in this malaise though, and Katie’s piercing voice works in tandem with sudden surges of guitar in the chorus to illustrate her desire to break away from her numbness, relaying her distress in no uncertain terms: “help me to help myself.” Even as White Flowers recede back to the dreaminess, there are more additions of piano and other textural elements, making it feel like they’re pushing closer to breaking free and reconnecting with the world. Each time the chorus comes back around, White Flowers imbue it with more emphasis and volume, their desire to push to a place of greater strength and satisfaction becoming ever more palpable – and it’s a riveting listen.

White Flowers’ debut album Day By Day arrives on June 4 via Tough Love (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.