Yo La Tengo have a new video in tow, and it might just rank as one of the most surreal, if not best animated videos this year has to offer. Beginning with the question “What is Yo La Tengo?,” a pair of students in a classroom answer the question. One scribbles out a huge equation that itself is worthy of a second glance while the other enters a world of colourful zanity where the true origins of the band are revealed by a bubble cigar-smoking, octopus car-riding baby. It’s a feast for the eyes, even if it does leave you pining for the final product (how long before we all want Yo La Tengo sandwiches?). The single will be released as “limited edition triple 12″ set of multiple versions of “Ohm” ; 3 12″ singles with a printed flat in a 4-box poly shower curtain display case.” Head over to Matador Records to preorder your copy.