Watch: Allysen Callery – “Lily of the Valley”

Mumblin Sue

Allysen Callery is a self-taught musician who hails from Bristol, Rhode Island, and this month she released her fifth album, Mumblin’ Sue, which gets a release by 75 or Less Records and Jellyfant later this year. Like the story told in her song “Lily of the Valley,” the video present a story of a wife who gives up on raising her child in the presence of an alcoholic father. “Someone had to be the hard headed hammer / Well, let me play the part that pries the nails out,” she sings as she takes her child away (played by Callery’s real-life daughter in the video). Five albums in an she’s still weaving tales that are personal and introspective, but that can still reach a large audience. Watch the video for “Lily of the Valley” below.

Lily of the Valley from brett davey on Vimeo.