Vancouver jangle pop revivalists Sunshine released their self-titled debut record earlier this year.  Full of warm, shimmering melodies and engaging hook-filled rhythms, Sunshinefelt respectful to the artists and genres which birthed it but never felt as though it was merely rehashing the past.  Reminiscent of bands like Black Tambourine and Close Lobsters—and having production assists from members of The New Pornographers, The Raveonettes, and The New Values—the album felt packed tight with ideas, yet never self-satisfied or bloated.  

The band has just released a video for album cut “Two Hundred Grand,” and you can read what singer/guitarist Trevor Risk had to say below:

“Saturday afternoons are the torture chamber of the television schedule. Just the other day I was at a seaside bar on Saturday afternoon and their television were playing: X Games reruns, NASCAR, and a PSA featuring a pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston talking about how teens can avoid being harassed on the internet, which, judging by the titling and graphic wipes of the piece, would involve making your ICQ account more secure. This video is our tribute to being a total dirt bag, burning through an afternoon with slacker channels of nothing but Xena: Warrior Princess and idiotic movies from the late eighties about cops buddying up with dogs. Two things I miss about these types of terrible, schadenfreude films: theme songs written specifically for the movie (see: Hard Bodies, Back To School) and roll calls at the end of the movie before the credits (see: Top Gun, Revenge of the Nerds). Now excuse me, and if you need me, you can find me fused to a polyester sofa, weighing an estimated 1585 pounds.”

Beats Per Minute is pleased to co-premiere (with with My Old Kentucky Blog) the video for “Two Hundred Grand” from Sunshine’s self-titled debut record.