An unfinished version of the “Monster” music video leaked earlier this year. And soon after hitting the web, Kanye received criticism from groups saying the video was misogynistic and disturbing. After that, the music video seemed to be shelved. Months went by, and there was no promotion for the single or the video. Most assumed the video was scrapped all together. Tonight out of the blue Kanye West has updated his site with the official video for “Monster”. The video sports a warning at the beginning: “The following content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any group of people. It is an art piece, and should be taken as such”.

Some speculate that this could be hype for Watch the Throne. While “Monster” is not on the album, Kanye and Jay-Z have been relatively quiet this year outside of dropping “H.A.M.”. So this could be a way to get people excited again for their collaborative project. Rumors have even been going around that Watch the Throne could drop as early as July.

Regardless, we finally have the complete and finished music video for “Monster” and in high definition. You can watch it below: