[Drag City; 2012]

Fresh off his excellent debut with a full band backing him up, Ty Segall is shooting for the hat trick with Twins, due out in October. “The Hill” is the first cut we’ve had the chance to listen to, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s escapism, both literally and figuratively, a tasty garage pop treat that hints at a slightly modified sound for his final effort of 2012. The distortion is toned down a bit, and a practically pretty set of flanged vocals lay the groundwork before smudged drums and guitars dripped in diesel fuel take over. “Come take a walk through the streets,” offers Segall, as he takes you on a tour of the city in the dark. The chirping riff will hold your attention, but the real highlight here is the spooky solo that clambers in for the final minute, it will leave you a little shaken and eager to hit the repeat button.

Grade: 7/10