[Unlimited Free Milkshakes; 2012]

The secret of Sam Ray has been kept for far too long. Ray has released quite a few albums under various guises in the last few years and his work has ranged from the scuzzy noise punk of DC Snuff Film— released earlier this year under his Teen Suicide moniker– to the subdued ambient works of 2011’s seeing little ghosts everywhere.

This new track, a Teen Suicide number officially released several days ago on his label’s newest compilation, seems to resemble his work as Ricky Eat Acid more than anything. It’s a less than two minute burst of Drake samples, dreamy distorted vocals, and alternately endearing and disturbing lyrics. One minute Ray sings of buying the biggest TV that his credit card allows; the next, of cutting himself and swallowing shards of broken glass. It’s pretty intense stuff despite being buried in the haze typical of many a bedroom producer.

Though it may sonically resemble his other projects more than Teen Suicide, it’s still an stunning track, and one that’s all too brief. Art Week 2012, the compilation from which this track is drawn is worth a listen as a whole, featuring contributions from at least two of Ray’s other projects, but “Salvia Plath” seems the most immediate track of the bunch. If nothing else, it’s an appropriate introduction into what Ray is all about.