Track Review: Starfucker – “Julius”

[Polyvinyl; 2010]

Those who found fault in the washed out vocals of Starfucker’s self titled debut aren’t likely to take well to the vocal performances on their new track “Julius.” Here they seem more undecipherable than ever, bathing in pools of reverb with only one or two words or phrases coming into focus. But as much as this might be a falling point of the song, it kind of doesn’t matter. Now signed to Polyvinyl they sound beefed up and like they have come fresh out of the studio instead of out of their friend’s basement.

The overall sound comes across fuller but when you dig into the song there’s not much to find other than a few synth lines wiggling about feverishly, flying under the hazy vocals. But again, this kind of doesn’t matter because there’s that riff that keeps coming back up for air. It’s just that one special synth line that makes this track insanely addictive. Like any good drug, the overall effect might be a bit hollow bit when the hit comes it like you’ve been shot into space. In retrospect the track might as well be instrumental but then you wouldn’t get that glorious break where we “fall into your arms.” None of this kind of matters though as when you’re listening to “Julius” you feel too good to question it. When you’re top of the world what else can you say but “Fuck it, I’m a star.”

MP3: Starfucker – “Julius”