Track Review: Moon Wheel – “Walpurga”

[Not Not Fun; 2013]

Somewhere between dub, drone, David Attenborough documentaries, and the hazy psychedelia of fellow Not Not Fun alumnus Cankun is Olle Holmberg from Melbourne, who records under the appropriately cosmic moniker Moon Wheel and has just released his debut self-titled cassette. It’s a journey through a lo-fi jungle filled with mysterious field recordings, a calm yet persistent sense of adventure, and the soothing, off-kilter ambiance the aforementioned Los Angeles label is known for. “Walpurga” is among his more minimalist tracks, but it’s still richly satisfying and should please those listeners looking to scratch their new-age itch. This one’s perfect for a balmy spring afternoon. Bring your bug spray; leave your inhibitions at home.