[Self-released; 2013]

Anyone who followed Jacques Greene’s 2012 output might be a little taken aback with the Canadian producer’s newest offering, the brightly lit and bouncy “Quicksand,” which initially appeared on Greene’s FADER mix. Last year Greene was steadily burrowing underground, delivering woozy nocturnal R&B-infused takes on house and UK garage, which led to micro masterworks like (the criminally underrated) “Arrow” off his Concealer 12″ and the title track from his Ready EP. But with “Quicksand” Greene drops all hints of the Londoner aesthetics and flips it like Dial’s latter 00s run is still on the upward swing. “Quicksand” meets a classic house template with a warbling sun-kissed synth loop and a vamping, wordless vocal sample. Thankfully, Greene hasn’t lost his ear for build and melody by any means. “Quicksand” keeps a steady drip of subtle textural shifts throughout. Even in the first couple weeks 2013 dance music seems to be a sharp turn away from the ultra darkness of 2012. “Quicksand” gives the minor trend even more weight considering its creator’s own arc. No word on if “Quicksand” is will get an official release or not, but Greene continues to be one of the most reliable and interesting house producers working.