It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Garbage. Seven years, in fact, which is a long enough hiatus to justify a greatest hits tour for nostalgia’s sake, but Garbage has a fifth album set for release. To tide us over until the release of Not Your Kind of People is the album’s first single “Blood For Poppies,” which doesn’t quite hit the mark. While not quite the trip down ’90s memory lane Bleed Like Me was, “Blood For Poppies” is unmistakably Garbage. The razor sharp guitar licks and slick production are back, as are Shirley Manson’s signature vocals, just processed to excess. Manson here sounds distant, but without the sensual haunt that made those hooks of yesteryear bury themselves so deeply, even when grabbing at the big, soaring chorus. Garbage is never the same band twice, and to their credit that seems to be as true as ever, but if “Blood” is any indication, then their current incarnation will be that of a band left under the heat of other current overwrought pop acts for too long.

Not Your Kind of People is due for release on May 15th.