[King Deluxe; 2012]

“Sayso” is the new track from Vancouver duo Evy Jane, and what a seductive 4 minutes it is. Reminiscent of dub of the 90s – early Massive Attack and Tricky come to mind – vocalist Evelyn Mason sings throughout in little more than a whisper, which, when complimented by the slick backing beats, creates a song with a laid-back style perfect for chilling to. It’s a sexual listening experience, deep and reflective, and one that almost verges on being repetitive; thankfully, there are enough subtle electronic changes throughout, with additional rhythms and musical ideas entering the mix, to avoid a slump in its latter half.

It’s a slow-paced, highly-produced piece of work, and an inspiring listen that blurs the lines between R&B and other genres, much in the way that the Dirty Projectors do. Perfect for a long car journey late at night, “Sayso” seems to last longer than it actually does, which is testament to the ability of the song to linger. The last twenty seconds reveal more weird and wonderful electronic flourishes, suggesting that an upcoming full-length could be a very interesting and seamless listen. For now, “Sayso” has the sort of gritty, noir-themed sound that could help Evy Jane attain cult status.

MP3: Evy Jane – Sayso