Wiretree - Get Up

Beginning life as just the solo recording project of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Peroni, Wiretree blossomed into a full-on band endeavor after the release of his debut album Bouldin—leading up to the release of the band’s sophomore album, Luck, in 2009. Having appeared at SXSW and on Austin City Limits, they’ve steadily grown their fanbase by bringing together disparate genres and sounds into a seamless amalgamation of their own individual influences. With the release of their third record, Get Up, Wiretree delve into early 90’s power pop, 60’s/70’folk, and stretches of contemporary indie rock and come up with something more than simple mimicry—something akin to reverent homage. They aren’t afraid to let their influences show, and it’s this willful display of their own musical proclivities that set them apart from their modern pop/rock peers.

Having released Get Up today via Cobalt Works, the band has also shared the latest single from the album, which comes in the form of “Out Of My Mind.” Drawing on artists like Big Star, Elliott Smith, and The La’s, the track blends elements of indie rock and power pop into a seamless whole. Devoid of any weighted expectations or clumsy genre integration, “Out Of My Mind” finds Wiretree interweaving a gorgeous melody with bursts of churning guitars and chest-thumping percussion. The song seems to inhabit that moment in time when your breath catches in your throat the second before fireworks explode across the sky in a dazzling array of hues and patterns.

Beats Per Minute is proud to premiere the newest track, “Out Of MY Mind,” from Wiretree’s latest album Get Up.