Antonio Paul - Coloured Screens

Marc Antonio and Michael Paul (aka indie pop twosome Antonio Paul) have come a long way since their self-produced and self-recorded debut single, “City Dreams,” was released to critical acclaim in their native Australia back in 2011.  Having released a handful of new singles in the interim — and garnered more critical praise both from local media and overseas outlets — the two men are anxious to share their blissful, energetic pop-rock aesthetic with as many people as possible.  And though they’re mostly known for their rugged indie rock chops and inventive remixes, the band isn’t afraid to switch out their approach from time to time.

This unconventional approach to their own sound is most readily evident on their latest single, the radio pop-tinged “Coloured Screens.” Dipping into somewhat unfamiliar waters, while still bringing along the guitars (though in a more atmospheric role here), the song touches on aspects of iridescent dream pop and sleek R&B-influenced rhythms without ever feeling as though it’s being pulled in too many directions at once.  “Coloured Screens” rides waves of malleable electric guitar, hook-y sing-song vocals, and a beat that is aimed straight at your hips.  But this isn’t simply a mindless hip-turner, the track brings to mind the pristine pop acrobatics of artists like Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean, while still giving their indie rock roots a run for their money.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest single, “Coloured Screens,” from Australian indie-pop duo Antonio Paul.