Photo: Clara Marguerat

The Psychotic Monks pound out their frustrations and fears on the pyromaniac “Isolation”

French band The Psychotic Monks are releasing their second album Private Meaning First this Friday, but ahead of that they’ve given us a final teaser of what to expect with “Isolation”.

The new record was recorded in a cramped house deep in rural France, where The Psychotic Monks could get as loud and as, well, psychotic as they want – and that is fully on display in “Isolation”. While people the world over have experienced being locked up this year, few will have expressed the mania and paranoia it can bring as furiously and extravagantly as The Psychotic Monks do here. “Isolation” follows a pulverising groove, where they repeat “a sick silence waits”, with a determination as if they are conjuring some kind of demon to protect them from the end. Along the way are multiple riffing interludes, each one more savage than the previous, until “Isolation” reaches its finale where looming and lurching guitar monoliths take over, as if they have truly conjured a supernatural being who has promptly gone about smashing and destroying everything in its path. It’s a lot of fun.

The Psychotic Monks’ new album Private Meaning First comes out this Friday, November 27, via FatCat. You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram.