Photo: Liz Ham

Loose Fit wriggle and writhe through “Stupid Drama” on their blistering new single

Australian art punks Loose Fit are releasing their debut album Social Graces at the end of this month, and today they release “Stupid Drama” as a single from it. Singer Anna Langdon says:

“I always feel like I’m gasping for air in this song, which fits well with the theme of being completely fed-up and trying to laugh about it.”

“Stupid Drama” is a fidgeting, flailing song, and that feeling of “gasping for air” is certainly palpable, adding an invigorating tension. As the band twangs, bumps and skronks through the haywire post-punk arrangement, Langdon postures, preens and provokes, turning daily annoyance and monotony into something that’s guaranteed to spur you out ofthe doldrums with righteous indignation. During the dance-ready chorus she sings about getting sucked into places you don’t want to be, having energy sucked out of you, and just generally wanting to get through it all with minimal fuss and fury – “point me to the exit please!” – the band providing a downright delectable punk groove. A song about bad times that is perfectly attuned to soundtracking the good times, “Stupid Drama” is Loose Fit firing on all sardonic and musical cylinders.

Check out “Stupid Drama” below or on your preferred platform.

Loose Fit’s debut album Social Graces comes out on April 29 through FatCat (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Instagram.