Kevin Condon

Pure Adult unleash the shell-shocking “A Big Surprise”, announce debut LP

Indeed, it’s quite a big surprise to stumble onto a band tappin into that elusively chaotic Royal Trux-energy – though one could do without the dysfunction however. That being said, maybe a little bit of that doesn’t seem all detrimental, at least in this specific case. Described by IDLES’ Joe Talbot as “the best band you haven’t seen”, Pure Adult‘s seedy alt rock stomper “A Big Surprise” describes the shell-shock of singer/producer Jeremy Snyder defecting from his strict religious upbringing.

“I took the meritocratic system of my cult-like church very seriously,” Snyder comments. “There’s an inherent naivety when you’ve been raised in a nearly closed system and that naivety was enhanced by a neurological processing disorder that, for a long time, went unacknowledged. I tried very hard for decades to be the right thing, the man of god, a member of what they called “The Remnant”, and to really find some calling that fell in line with what they were telling me was god’s will. I was the one sheep except Jesus wasn’t leaving the ninety-nine to find me. It was psychologically treacherous and damaging, particularly because I did in fact know what I was “supposed to” be doing. I’m doing it now.”

Formed by Snyder and  fellow artist Bianca Abarca, Pure Adult seem like the kind of rock band who feel right at home in the hopeless peripheries of the US, churning out ear-squeezing barn-burners with absurdist, grim abandon. They’ve taken a liking to Jodorowsky films, The Heat and Scott Walker, which kind of makes sense. “A Big Surprise” previews Pure Adult’s debut album, pragmatically titled Pure Adult II, which is due January 27th on FatCat Records (preorder it here).

Check out “A Big Surprise” below and on streaming outlets.

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