Photo: William Lacalmontie

Keeley Forsyth’s incantations twist around Colin Stetson’s sax on “Turning”

British multi-talent Keeley Forsyth is approaching the release of her new album The Hollow on 10 May. We’ve already heard the haunting lead single “Horse” and she has now shared “Turning”, which finds her collaborating with inimitable Canadian saxophanist Colin Stetson. Forsyth says:

“Colin is a force, elemental and truly moving to witness. Experiencing him perform live was in many ways the catalyst for this collaboration. I wanted to try and match his instrumentation with a percussive, staccato vocal line, aiming to complement his playing without overshadowing or personally being so central to the piece. It’s quite rare to hear Colin’s playing accompanied by a vocalist and it’s an experiment I’d like to explore with him further in the future.”

Forsyth’s decision to mirror Stetson’s playing with a staccato delivery yields a truly hypnotic listening experience, with the two instruments twisting around each other like an aural flame. When she alters her approach to a more full-lunged delivery, Stetson’s sax flickers in deeper hues, adding detailed shadow to Forsyth’s incantations. This cat-and-mouse game is dizzying and dastardly, sucking you in before the song is set ablaze in an emphatic final flourish.

Watch the video for “Turning” below or find the song on streamers.

Keeley Forsyth’s new album The Hollow is out on May 10 through 130701 (pre-order). Find Keeley Forsyth on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Live dates:

6 Apr – The Hague, NL @ Rewire Festival
27 Apr – Bristol @ Lantern Hall, Bristol New Music
23 May – London @ Institute of Contemporary Arts