The Koreatown Oddity goofs his way through the amusing chaos of “MISOPHONIA LOVE”

There isn’t much The Koreatown Oddity (aka Dominique Purdy) can’t do. Seriously: the man may be best known (at this point) as a rapper, but he’s also a humorist, filmmaker, producer, and writer.

His latest track, “MISOPHONIA LOVE”, is more than tongue-in-cheek, finding him speaking to a lover suffering from misophonia. The end of the track explains the condition: “Living with misophonia is similar to living with tinnitus, when repeated sounds can become so annoying that you feel enraged, triggered by specific sounds like eating, breathing, typing and coughing.”

Purdy himself amusingly says, “After you listen to the song Google Misophonia. Then listen to the song again.” He says so with good reason. The track itself is made up of repeated noises, right on down to what appears to be a phone endlessly ringing. Purdy himself mostly fantasizes about ways to bother her, finding it all to be a turn on. It’s pure Koreatown Oddity, the sort of thing only he’d dream up.

Check it out below.

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