Photo: Alexa Viscius

Tasha sings through the pain in the gorgeous “Sorry’s Not Enough”

Tasha has shared another single from her forthcoming album Tell Me What You Miss The Most, which is due out next month. The new song follows on from “Perfect Wife” and is called “Sorry’s Not Enough”, with the songwriter revealing:

“Sorry’s Not Enough is a song about confronting your mistakes, and learning to love yourself through hurt and doubt. So many of my songs have relished in joy healing, so I enjoyed exploring darker feelings here, and finding new roads to go down musically that were grittier than I was used to. Through the tension and pain comes a great relief.”

It’s quite a comedown from the effervescent joy of “Perfect Wife”, which makes its pained sway all the more effective. It seems like a moment of quiet contemplation for Tasha, who can’t help but begin by thinking the worst: “They won’t look at me” and, soon after, “I’ve gone and fooled myself / thinking they’d love me still / through all that doubt we felt.” Despite the melancholic timbre, “Sorry’s Not Enough” does not wallow, and as it progresses it even finds Tasha singing her way out of her gloom. As the song reaches its finale, there’s a light crack of drums as she makes the solemn promise “I’ll try again in the morning / I’ll be okay with the ending.” She steals positivity from the jaws of despair, and it’s wonderful.

Listen to “Sorry’s Not Enough” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Tasha’s new album Tell Me What You Miss The Most comes out on November 5 (digitally) and December 3 (physically) through Father/Daughter (pre-order/save). You can find Tasha on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.