Photo: Alexa Viscius

Tasha is in a cloud of pure bliss in “Perfect Wife”, announces new album

Having captivated with her 2018 debut album Alone at Last, and continued to enthral with the successive singles, Chicago poet and songwriter Tasha today announces the follow-up: it’s called Tell Me What You Miss The Most and comes out on Father/Daughter on November 5 (with a physical on December 3). The album features recent single “Lake Superior” as well as today’s new one “Perfect Wife”.

The title “Perfect Wife” clues you into the joyous atmosphere of the song, but doesn’t prepare for just how ecstatic and gorgeous the song is. A bright bossa-nova-inflected indie jam, it seems to glide weightlessly – perfectly accentuating Tasha’s utterly smitten words, as she sings out her adoration for her partner in no uncertain terms. “I’m a wreck, I’m over my head / Find myself at your doorstep again and again” she begins, but as flutes start to whistle through the atmosphere, her lovesickness subsides in favour of pure happiness; “let’s find some place we can go out and dance / you wear your hair down, I’ll wear my favourite pants / On the floor I’ll be stunned every time.” Coasting on those floral flutes, she comes out and simply says it: “truth is darling, you’re such a perfect wife.” As she continues to spiral upwards into thoughts of their potential future, we get wrapped up in her romantic reveries, and there is no way to feel anything other than pure elation for Tasha and her “Perfect Wife”.

The video for “Perfect Wife” was created with coool (John TerEick and Jake Nokovic) and translates this ecstasy into dance, as Tasha explains:

“When thinking about the visual for this song, I knew it had to exude romance, joy, and sweetness. I found John and Jake by happenstance, but our work together felt totally seamless. This visual represents the giddiness and excitement of going on a first date with someone, and having it turn out even better than you could have imagined. Paired with their vision for a retro, theatrical, musical-movie kind of world, I think this video wonderfully captures that magic of being totally head over heels for someone perfect. John and Jake were a dream to work with, and I’m so grateful for their expert imagination.”

Watch the video below or listen to “Perfect Wife” on streaming platforms.

Tasha’s new album Tell Me What You Miss The Most comes out on November 5 (digitally) and December 3 (physically) through Father/Daughter (pre-order/save). You can find Tasha on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.