Photo: Hailun Ma

Taiwanese singer-producer Scintii delivers her first single for new label, “Times New Roman”

Scintii isn’t particularly concerned with whatever you make of her, so long as she reaches you: “I don’t really think about genre. I think about what I’m trying to communicate – an atmosphere, or an emotion.”

Her debut single for new home Houndstooth, “Times New Roman”, exemplifies this attitude, forgoing the gentleness of dream pop but also refusing to fully enter the dance floor, darting back and forth somewhere between the two realms.

It makes for an intoxicating, deliriously gloomy mixture, murky and emotive one moment, harshly computerized the next.

Speaking on the track, the Shanghai-based, Taiwanese artist expounds, “‘Times New Roman’ is one of the main languages used in graphic design, and this song is about finding that language for myself as an artist.

Check out the new single, along with its video, directed by prior Arca collaborator Kynan Puru Watt, below, and stay tuned for more from Scintii soon.

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