Sunshine Boysclub blisses out through the uncertainty on “Right Out the Window”, releases new album

Singer, songwriter, and producer Sam Martin, who records as Sunshine Boysclub, is making the music he’s always wanted to. “‘Sunshine Boysclub’ is a space for me to be vulnerable, honest, stupid, depressing, uplifting, and to take all the risks on my own,” he explains.

His new album, Hut on the Hill, out today, is a blessedly delirious concoction, melding overt, delightful pop with elements dreamier and murkier alike.

To mark the occasion, he’s shared single “Right Out the Window”, along with its laid back bike ride of a video. It’s the perfect representation of Martin’s musical synthesis, bouncing along with something bordering on glee, all while sneakily digging through Martin’s keenest fears and uncertainties.

He elaborates, “Sonically, the album is energetic and uplifting, but the lyrics are far from. The one theme that runs through this album is failure, as dark as that may seem. These songs are me working through the past, trying to close that door and move into a new space with new thoughts. I spent years struggling with depression, I stopped making music and was ready to quit. Writing these songs helped me work through those years of struggle and taught me valuable lessons about creativity and happiness, and how connected those two things are for me.

Dealing with the inescapable passage – or, rather, slipping away – of time, “Right Out the Window” slots right into this area of delectable pop meets existential uncertainty.

The album itself as named for the space Martin found both solace and productivity within: “I wrote all these songs in what I christened ‘The Hut,’ which was an abandoned shack on the side of a hill behind our house in the middle of suburban Los Angeles. I cleaned it out, painted it and moved my studio up there. ‘The Hut’ became a creative and magical place for me.

Check out the video for “Right Out the Window” below, and listen to Hut on the Hill today via your favorite provider.

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