Photo: Julian Klincewicz

Steve Lacy unfolds his insecurity on “Bad Habit”, confirms new album release date

Steve Lacy recently dropped “Mercury” and said that his new album Gemini Rights was on the way – he’s now confirmed that it’ll be out in little over two weeks on July 15, through RCA.

He’s also shared a new single called “Bad Habit”, a glitchy and textural funk-pop song that’s perfect for summer fantasising. It finds Lacy pining over someone, sighing “I wish I knew you wanted me” and lamenting his missed opportunities to make a move. “I bite my tongue it’s a bad habit,” he admits in the blissful chorus, gently psyching himself up to speak his heart next time he has the chance. Perhaps he should just play his crush this squelchy, charming and addictive song, that would surely do the trick.

Listen to “Bad Habit” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Steve Lacy’s new album Gemini Rights is out on July 15 through RCA (pre-save). You can find him on Instagram.