Isabel LaRosa shares a combustible chorus on “more than friends”

One of the main tenets of songwriting is to write relatively low-energy verses that build into banger choruses. The chorus of Isabel LaRosa’s new “more than friends” single doesn’t just elevate; it detonates. It’s maybe the best Killer Chorus of the year so far – and it’s one of the highlights of the artist’s new EP You Fear The God That Loves You.

LaRosa is just 19 years old, and she already has more than nine million Spotify monthly listeners. That’s roughly the population of London, where LaRosa will be playing some dates in May before returning to the U.S. for Chicago’s Lollapalooza in August.

“This EP follows the story of a girl growing up in a religious household,” says LaRosa. “She goes through the motions of new love and heartbreak, intertwined with grief and guilt. It’s structured so that the beginning of the EP is the most innocent and lighthearted part, and by the end, it reaches the darkest part in her story.”

At an age when most young adults are worrying about which college to attend, LaRosa has given us an ambitious concept EP that’s both illuminating and musically memorable. Just imagine what she’ll accomplish by age 25.

Watch the video for “more than friends” below or find the full EP on streamers.

Isabel’s You Fear The God That Loves You EP is out now on Slumbo Labs/RCA.

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