SZA goes kaleidoscopic on new single “Shirt”

With her masterpiece Ctrl hitting the half-decade mark, SZA does have a habit of making us wait and wait some more. But she also proved that the wait is usually worth it with singles as good as “Hit Different” and “Good Days”. Her new song “Shirt” – which was teased in the video for the latter – comes out almost of full year later, and yeah, it was definitely worth the wait.

In a spectacular Dave Meyers-directed video featuring co-star LaKeith Stanfield – known for the role of Darius in Atlanta – SZA seems to adopt a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired tale, in a similarly kaleidoscopic sequence of backdrops as Everything Everywhere All At Once. We’re taken to churches with living body sculptures, chase scenes, butcher shops, Tarantino-inspired diners and oceanside boat trips, with pretty much one consistent outcome: someone either gets violently shot or stabbed.

Via social media SZA has said that her new album could drop at any second, which at this point could mean basically anything or nothing. Listen to “Shirt” and watch the video below, and find the song on streaming outlets.

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