Photo: Iris Luz

Sorry display their vitality on “Let The Lights On”, announce new album

London’s indie oddballs Sorry have announced their second album: it’s called Anywhere But Here and will be out on October 7 through Domino. They’ve shared the lead single “Let The Lights On” saying:

“It’s a fun love song for the club. A bittersweet track for us. It kinda touches on how you want to be honest and say things directly, but in the end that can also ruin them. If you’ve got a light don’t let it go out… sometimes you have to leave things behind but it’s hard to do. We tried to make it a bit ironic by saying things very plainly and direct. It’s the last song we wrote from the album and came out of us trying to find something more upbeat for the album. It started off as a dancey song with driving bass and drums and became more poppy when we played it with the band and recorded it.”

They’ve certainly captured that upbeat, danceability in the track, but the bittersweetness is also tangible in Asha Lorenz’s vocal and words. As Sorry ping and buzz around, she seems to be getting emotionally pulled from pillar to post, wanting to express her unbridled love and affection but feeling uncertain and bashful about it. It comes to a head in the chorus, where she simply announces “if you’ve got a light don’t let it go out” – a simple but vital rallying cry.

Watch the video for “Let The Lights On” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Sorry’s new album Anywhere But Here will be out on October 7 through Domino (pre-order/save). You can find Sorry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.