Photo: Jon Merlino

Sister. invite us to their intimate safe space on “Hideaway”, announce new EP

Sister. – the Brooklyn-based duo of Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceci Sturman – have announced their new EP: it’s called Something / Nothing and comes out on September 10 via AWAL. They’ve also shared the four-song offering’s opening teack, “Hideaway”, saying:

“Hideaway is that space where someone can exist wholly. That secret place where you can be without a guise, without fear, you can never reveal too much. It’s a desire for the safety that intimacy holds.”

That feeling of having a world to yourself when you’re alone with the person you love is a delicate one, but Sister. capture it marvellously on “Hideaway”. It begins as a rustic indie track, Hannah singing over finger-picked guitar, setting the scene of a lightly breezy late summer day, pontificating about the mystery of intimacy; “if I show you my body, can you read its lies?” she asks. Just as she’s giving in to the intoxication of the moment, her neuroses sidle in with glorious harmony as she admits “but I don’t know if I am safe in your arms,” the tension cutting through the tenderness, the volume raising ever so slightly to reflect the subtle change in atmosphere. From there, Sister. keep “Hideaway” gradually building, reflecting the heart rates of these two lovers as they combine, verbally and physically. It culminates in a sudden burst of beautiful sound, passion turned into music – only for them to return to quiet for a final stab of doubt: “But if I let it go, I won’t be who I am.”

Listen to “Hideaway” below or on streaming platforms.

Sister.’s Something / Nothing EP comes out on September 10 via AWAL. You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram.