Photo: Nicole Reed

screensaver are electrifyingly paranoid on “No Movement”, announce debut album

Melbourne band Screensaver have announced their debut album: it’s called Expressions of Interest and will be released on October 8 through Upset The Rhythm. They’ve also shared the new single from it, “No Movement”, saying:

No Movement was written in the jam room and built around the simple organ riff,  despite its title the song is full of dynamic and interplay between the instruments. It’s a favourite of ours to play live. The lyrics explore themes of anxiety and rumination, shaping a loose narrative around a character paralysed by fear and intrusive thoughts unable to move forward in life.

Despite having little officially released music, screensaver have been working together (at first remotely, across oceans) since 2016, and that tightness and understanding is audible in “No Movement”. As mentioned in their quote above, the song finds all members contributing tense and taut instrumentation, interlocking seamlessly as they set off on the livewire ride that is “No Movement”. With precision drumming that reflects the demanding nature of modern life, and a subtle seasick organ underscoring it, the uncertainty flows in from the ground up, and is accentuated by fraying guitars and especially Krystal Maynard’s bullet-like voice. She sounds contained but freaked, as if she’s got a thousand worries building inside her that have pinned her to the spot, unable to do move while being fraught with panic; “No movement here / paralysed by fear” she repeats in the simple but deadly effective chorus. It’s a tension that is only amplified by all the instrumental elements working in tandem like lightning shooting through her nervous system, and suggests there’s plenty more electricity to come on Expressions of Interest.

Watch the video for “No Movement” below or find it on streaming services.

Screensaver’s debut album Expressions of Interest comes out on October 8 through Upset The Rhythm in the UK (pre-order) and Heavy Machinery eslewhere (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find the band on Instagram.