Photo: Jamie Harding & Matthew Sterling (we are jam)

SCALPING reveal debut EP plans with the uncompromising techno-punk stormer “Monolithium”

After a series of head-slamming singles, Bristol-based maestros of noise SCALPING have announced their debut EP, FLOOD, for release on June 18 through Houndstooth. The news brings with it a new stormer called “Monolithium”.

Not exactly beating around the bush with the title “Monolithium” (though it’s still better than Unobtanium), SCALPING are heads-down and driving hard through mounds of noise that they continually pile on and re-arrange. Pulverising drums just about support the sonic carnage laid on by countless synths, overdrive guitars and warped samples. There’s a massive volume of sounds, but SCALPING have a forceful grasp on it all, and mould it into a sonic battering ram blasting its way into a dystopian future. Despite the heaviness, their complex arrangement still urges you to dance while you dream of destruction.

SCALPING’s FLOOD EP arrives on June 18 via Houndstooth (pre-order/save). Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’ve also got this tour planned (tickets):