Photo: Angela Ricciardi

SASAMI unleashes the awesome and uncompromising “Say It”

SASAMI is building up to the release of her second album Squeeze on February 25, and so far we’ve heard her songs in a “Sorry Entertainer” mood and a “Skin A Rat” mood, but today she goes even bolder with her “Say It” mood. She says:

‘Say It’ is a rage anthem dance track about spinning out because someone isn’t communicating with you. I feel like when I hear the song I see a hot femme with a mystical flamethrower engulfed in emotional blue flames throwing elbows alone in an industrial dance club in outer space.

That’s quite visual to carry into the song, but “Say It” genuinely holds that much anger and style in perfect union. It starts with a minimalist techno beat that brings the style before crunching guitar adds the anger. SASAMI’s voice is warped and moody in the early verses, then becomes vulnerable as she confidently admits her weakness in the smooth earworm chorus: “I don’t want you to apologise / just say it.” An intriguing and addictive melange of modern sounds, “Say It” is the perfect example of what makes SASAMI one of the most exciting artists currently working.

Check out “Say It” below or on streaming platforms.

SASAMI’s new album Squeeze comes out on February 25 through Domino (pre-order/save). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.